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About Karaoke
What is Karaoke?
Karaoke is an increasingly popular form of entertainment which lets everyone be a star! Karaoke allows you to sing along with the soundtracks to your favorite recording artists. Having originated in Japan, Karaoke has now spread throughout the U.S. and the world. Millions now enjoy Karaoke at home and in clubs and restaurants.

Karaoke is a Japanese abbreviated compound word which translates roughly as "empty orchestra. "Kara" comes from "karappo" meaning empty, and "oke" is the abbreviation of "okesutura," or orchestra. Karaoke is used to describe any sing-a-long track which displays lyrics on a TV or video screen. Usually, a music disc consists of vocals and accompaniment. Music discs in which only the accompaniment is recorded are called "Karaoke CD's or Karaoke Discs. Go Go Go - Sing it......"

Do I need a special Karaoke player?
Online No, Yes. A karaoke machine is a CD player with the added function of "CD+G graphic output." This allows you to play Karaoke CDG discs in the player and connect the player to your television (or a video monitor) to see the lyrics of the songs as you sing them.

There are Karaoke players available from a variety of manufacturers and shops. carries a full line of players, ranging from very economical all-in-one players to full professional DJ style systems. Please see the "Karaoke Players" section below for descriptions of different types of players.

What is "CDG"?
"CDG" or "CD+G" stands for "Compact Disc + Graphics". This is the most widely used format for Karaoke music. The discs are identical to to standard CDs (compact discs) yet have the additional graphics track that allows you to read the song lyrics on a connected TV or monitor. As the soundtrack plays on your Karaoke player, the lyrics scroll across the TV in sync with the music, allowing you to sing along to any song any place any where!

Karaoke Players
Karaoke Players come in three types: portable and component style - now you can get computer based.

Portable karaoke players

The portable player is an all-in-one player that typically contains such features as:
a CD player which has CDG capability

a microphone (many players have inputs for two mics so you can buy a second mic and sing duets)

a built in speaker

a cassette tape player (which allows you to record both the CDG background music and your own voice using the microphone)

a video connector which allows you to connect your player to your home TV (most newer TVs work fine. If your TV is older or does not have a yellow RCA connector, you may need to purchase an RF modulator for about $20)

a pitch controller (to help your voice find the easiest range)

an echo, or reverb controller (which enhances the sound of your voice)

an external speaker jack (so you can play the music through a more amplified component system) and

some player "packages" include assorted free Karaoke disks to give you a complete out of the box experience.

Setting up a portable player is easy. Take it out of the box, connect the video (and possibly also the audio) input/output cable from your player to your TV, turn on the TV and the player, put the CDG Karaoke disk in the top loader, plug in your microphone, push play and you’re ready to sing! Put an audio cassette in the tape loader, push record and make a tape of yourself singing! What could be easier and more fun?

A portable system is a great home system and makes a perfect gift. They are also great for home parties, schools, retirement communities, social clubs, and small entertainment venues.

Portable Karaoke Players will play both audio CD and the CDG Karaoke discs. Most do not play Video CD (VCD) format or DVD format. Also, these players come in 120 volt and NTSC TV format so they work well in the United States, but may require adapters for other countries.

Component players
Component Karaoke players are similar to CD Players in size and function except that they have several additional features: two or more microphone inputs with separate microphone volume controls and a digital key and digital echo control. The component player does not have its own speaker or amp so it must be connected to your home or professional sound system to drive the sound. And, like the portable Karaoke players, the component player has a video out jack for connection to a home TV or to a professional monitor. The component player does not have its own audio cassette tape recorder so any tapes must be made using a separate tape recorder.

The component players are typically multi-disc systems, either carousel or drawer. The component system also has many programmable features that make it easy to cue specific discs and tracks. These features are important for professional Karaoke Jockeys. There are component players with 120/220 voltage switches and NTSC/PAL switch formats so they can be used in virtually any country.


Computer players
Computer Karaoke players are similar to CD systems but with all the CD's encoded into the computer.

Common Terms (aka Karaoke Buzz Words)
A Japanese word meaning 'Empty Orchestra', which is used to describe any sing-a-long track which displays lyrics on a TV screen. All karaoke songs are recreated in the style of the original artist.

CDG/CD+G (Compact Disc + Graphics)
5" CD (standard CD size) with graphics which can appear on a TV. Words to the songs appear on a TV screen when the disc is played on a CD+G player and connected to a TV. A CDG Karaoke disc will also play in any standard CD player, except there will be no display of the song lyrics since a CD player cannot read the graphics track. Most DVD player wil NOT play a CDG even if it is a Karaoke DVD player. Makes sure your manual states it can read the CDG or C+Graphics format.

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
5" CD format which can hold many types of media content, although most are movies. Most DVD players will NOT play CDG discs, even if they are DVD karaoke machines. Make sure the manual states that the machine reads the CDG format.

SCDG (Super CDG)
5" CD format. It is a new format used only in the Karaoke industry. SuperCDG discs can only be read by SuperCDG Machines. They can hold hundreds on songs on a single disc. SuperCDG discs can also be played a Windows PC with s DVD drive.

Laserdisc (LD)
Usually a 12" format used for movies. Karaoke Laserdiscs have a full motion video as well as the lyrics. This is an older fomat and you need a Laserdisc player to use these discs. We mo longer sell Laserdics.

VCD (Video CD)
5" CD with video. Players play movies as well as karaoke videos with lyrics. This is not the same as DVD, although most DVD players will read VCDs. Most computers will also read VCD discs. At this time we do not sell any VCD discs. T

VHS Tape (video)
A standard VHS/NTSC video tape like you'd rent from a video store. Most Karaoke VHS tapes have videos in the background as well as the moving text like CDGs. We no longer sell VHS Tapes.

This is a standard audio cassette. Most karaoke cassette tapes have the same song on both sides of the tape. One side has guide vocals and other just the background music. Many also include printed lyrics. We no longer sell cassette tapes.

Karaoke Jockey (KJ)
A person, similar to a Disk Jockey, who provides a total Karaoke experience in the home or business of a contracting third party employer. Typical Karaoke shows are 3 hours or more and are in a bar or nightclub, although KJs often perform for private parties, even for kids!

Key Control (digital key control, pitch control, key changer)
Raises or lowers all the notes to help you sing in your range. Digital key change affects only the pitch, not the tempo. A non digital key controller will slow or speed up the song tempo.

Multiplex (vocal coach, guide vocal)
Guide lead vocal is recorded on one channel with accompaniment on the other channel. Can be removed through balance control or multiplex button.

RF Modulator
Adapter that converts the signal from a Karaoke player through a cable connection to a non-video ready TV.

Speed Control
Changes the tempo of the music. This is usually a feature of cassette players. The increase of speed slightly raises or lowers the key of the music being played.

Vocal Reducer (vocal masking, vocal suppressor)
Reduces the level of vocal range on regular CD and audio cassette recordings, which results in an overall reduction in volume. A Vocal Reducer may also reduce instruments in same range.

Vocal Replacement (voice cancel, vocal partner)
Mutes the recorded vocal on multiplex recordings when you sing into mic and brings them back up when you stop singing.

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